Travel Insurance

Whenever you book a vacation or a business trip with Orange Destinations we advice you to buy an insurance coverage to protect your investment and to protect yourself and your family in case of a medical emergency.

In case something upsets your travel plans?

It could be anything from your own medical emergency to the death of a close friend. Cancellation & Interruption insurance will reimburse you for expenses if an emergency forces you to cancel your trip, or if you must delay your return or return home early. This coverage protects you against over 40 specified risks that could force you to change your plans. Cancellation & Interruption insurance can only be purchased at the time you book your tickets

In case your luggage is lost or delayed?

Insurance can't prevent the inconvenience of lost luggage, but it will give you money towards replacing your belongings, up to a specified maximum value, so your trip can continue as planned.

In case you are sick or injured during your trip?

Emergency medical insurance will help you get access to the best medical care available, and protect you from expensive medical bills