Fare Rules

Hotel Accommodations

Any change to a confirmed hotel booking will be on chargeable basis. Please check with the operations team about the cancellation policy of the hotel booking at the time of confirmations.
Any Group booking cancellation will be as per the contract between the user and Orange Destinations.
Cancellation will be not allowed in any pre-purchase hotel accommodations

Air Ticketing

Any change to a confirmed ticket issued on INR fare – including cancellation, postponement, and change of itinerary – must be done at least one hour before a flight. When a ticket is reissued from a higher to a lower fare, a re-issuance charge of INR 100 is levied, irrespective of whether there is any change in sector/class of travel. A documentation charge of INR 100 is levied when a confirmed ticket is processed for refund. (This applies to Normal Class Fares only.)


4 Hrs prior to the schedule time the user has the Wright to cancel his/her Transportations facility. After that we will charge the Booking amount or Rs.1500 Which ever is less.
Any delays in the Airport/Railway station or any other places the Passenger has to bare the cost of waiting and the parking Charges
Any misfortune / Break down of journey due to natural calamities shall have to be borne